Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Kuranda

Are you planning a visit to Kuranda? The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Kuranda is certainly a must-do. Wander through beautiful rainforest gardens. Get up close to different species of tropical butterflies.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Kuranda is home to over 1,500 brilliant tropical butterflies. We are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere! All of the butterflies are bred on-site in a laboratory.

The species you will see are all local rainforest species. For example, the famous electric blue Ulysses. In addition to the gigantic green and yellow Cairns Birdwing and Monarch butterfly.

The rainforest environment perfectly replicates the butterfly’s natural environment. You will enjoy close up encounters with these beautiful butterflies.


Firstly, the guided aviary tours are a great way to get the most out of your visit. Experienced guides will take you through the rainforest aviary. Meanwhile, you’ll be learning all about a butterfly’s life cycle and behaviour.

The food plant walk is an educational guided walk in the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Kuranda. All of the food sources are grown on-site. Therefore, they can be used in the laboratory to feed the caterpillars.

Finally, in the laboratory, you will see the caterpillars in their varying stages of development. Find out all sorts of interesting facts. For example, why it is that caterpillars need to change their skins five times during their time as a caterpillar.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Kuranda is suitable for all weather conditions. The trip to Kuranda on the Scenic Train and Skyrail is an absolute must. Click HERE to read more.


  • Largest butterfly flight aviary in Australia
  • Over 1,500 butterflies including Ulysses and Cairns Birdwing
  • Free guided tours



  • FREE guided tours included in the cost of your admission. As your guide takes you through the aviary and laboratory, you will learn about the butterfly’s life cycle and elaborate courtship rituals.
  • See the world the way a butterfly does in the UV light display!
  • Entrance into the Laboratory. Here, you will learn all about caterpillars as you see them in their various stages of development
  • Use the sanctuary’s state of the art microscope. Using the lens, you will see the intricate details of the butterfly’s anatomy that are not visible to the naked eye. The microscope is easy to operate by all ages!
  • Entrance into the educational exhibits. Watch the Cairns Birdwing emerging video & the silk moth Caterpillars live display
  • Entry into the butterfly museum. View 584 different butterfly species from around the world!

What to bring

  • Be sure to wear your brightest pink or red shirt to attract the butterflies!
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Camera
  • Hat and water


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