Australian Indigenous Experience

Discover the world’s oldest living culture. Dating back 40,000 years! Therefore, The Australian Indigenous Experience is one of the most authentic Aboriginal tours available in Australia.

You will gain a deeper understanding of Australia’s Aboriginal history. A popular Cairns tourist attraction by day or by night.

About Tjapukai

Over the last few decades, The Australian Indigenous Experience has shared their culture with more than 3 million people.

They provide excellent employment opportunities for the Djabugay (Tjapukai) people. In addition to giving the performers great pride in demonstrating their culture.

From the beginning, their mission has been to give visitors the connection to authentic Aboriginal culture. Moreover, interacting with Traditional Owners. This now includes authentic Torres Strait Islander culture.

Experience by day

Firstly, you will take a 2.5-hour tour with a traditional Australian Indigenous Experience guide. Immerse yourself in this ancient culture. You will enjoy activities from an Aboriginal dance show in addition to a boomerang and spear throwing lesson.

Learn about traditional bush foods and medicines. As well as weapon making and hunting. Enjoy a digeridoo show. Meanwhile, a tropical buffet lunch is available as an optional extra.

Experience by night

Be a part of this award-winning experience. The Indigenous people of the rainforest will welcome you to their land. You will experience a sacred corroboree. Listen to Dreamtime stories dating back thousands of years.

You will take part in lighting the ceremonial fire. Be amazed at the incredible fireball shooting up into the night sky. Top it off with a delicious buffet dinner. Featuring local Indigenous flavours and spices.

Learn how to light a fire without a matchstick. Listen to the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo.

In conclusion, relax by the fire with the Australian Indigenous Experience warriors. The perfect end to a fabulous night full of cultural entertainment.

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Tour Features

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Australian Indigenous Experience Tours

Tjapukai Dancers

Australian Indigenous Experience By Day

See the world’s oldest living culture brought to life through traditional dance, art, and interactive demonstrations. Throw a boomerang and spear, learn about bush food and medicine, didgeridoo playing and more.


Night Fire

Australian Indigenous Experience By Night

Meet the Bama Indigenous rainforest people, at a corroboree celebrating Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. Enjoy a tropical buffet dinner featuring tantalizing Indigenous flavors, followed by the Tjapuaki dance show.



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