Aquarium in Cairns

Experience something incredible.  The Aquarium in Cairns is a great way to sample 2 world heritage listed areas at once!  The Great Barrier Reef as well as the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland.  You will love the only Aquarium in the world dedicated to the species and habitats of this amazing region.

You can wander through the many different habitats at your own speed.  At the Aquarium in Cairns, we certainly love to share our knowledge.  Enjoy the fun and informative presentations we offer throughout the day.

For a small extra cost, you can experience the exciting virtual submarine!  A journey into the mysterious depths of an underwater world.  To make the day even more special, why not book the Aquarium in Cairns VIP Behind The Scenes tour?

Meanwhile, discover over 16,000 creatures from the reef and rainforest. Immerse yourself in the 5 unique habitats which are on display.

After this great introduction at the Aquarium in Cairns, head out to the Great Barrier Reef to see it all up close and personal!  Click HERE for more information.


Flooded Billabongs

Home to our Freshwater Sawfish, the iconic Barramundi in addition to the Whiptail Ray.

The Rainforest

A rainforest inside the Aquarium in Cairns?! Spot our Tropical Snakes, Emerald Tree Monitors, and Frogs living amongst the jungle.

The Mangroves

Learn about the fascinating biodiversity of the mangrove habitat. Meanwhile, find baby crocs while you stroll along the boardwalk!

Great Barrier Reef

Take in the sheer expanse and beauty of Australia’s only 10 metre Deep Reef Tank!

Coral Sea

Immerse yourself in the 20 metre Underwater Viewing Tunnel.  Featuring a 360° view Oceanarium.


Presentation Times

  • 09:30 + 13:00 River Monsters presentation. Held in the River Monsters Amphitheater.
  • 10:00 + 13:30 Reptile Encounter. Touch ‘n’ Talk presentation. Held in the Wet Tropics exhibit.
  • 10:30 + 14:00 Denizens Of The Deep presentation. Held in the Deep Reef Amphitheater.
  • 11:00 Shark and Ray Feeding presentation. Held in the Aquarium in Cairns Ocean Room.
  • 15:00 Life of Sharks and Ray’s presentation. Held in the Coral Sea Amphitheater.
  • 11:30 + 16:00 Curious and Coloured presentation. Held in the Coral Sea Amphitheater.
  • ALL DAY Marine touch ‘n’ Talk held in the Marine touch tank, Level 1.


Optional Extras

  • Upgrade and include a 2-course lunch and a drink at the famous Dundees Restaurant.
  • Coffee, morning or afternoon tea all available at Dundees Restaurant
  • Aquarium in Cairns Sea Explorer 5D virtual submarine tour.
  • VIP Platinum Pass. An extraordinary private behind the scenes tour. Visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Mangrove fish scatter feeding. Hand feed the Cownose Rays! These gentle guys have very soft bellies, and you’ll have the opportunity to give them a rub! Private reptile interaction. 2-course lunch with a drink. Front of house interaction. Souvenir gift to take home.

How to get there

The Aquarium in Cairns is located right in the centre of Cairns on Abbott Street


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