With pristine beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, and excellent access to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is the perfect option for group trips. Whether you’re planning a corporate getaway or a holiday with the entire extended family Cairns has something to accommodate every group. From bus tours to Great Barrier Reef liveaboards to bus tours, there a myriad of different ways you can see Cairns as a group. Check out the following idea.


Group Great Barrier Reef Tours

Stretching a staggering 2,600 kilometres across the South Pacific, the Great Barrier Reef covers roughly 344,400 square kilometres. Extending along Queensland’s coastline, this World Heritage Site can actually be seen from outer space and it is the world’s largest structure made from a living organism. The magic of the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect experience for every group. Consider a day excursion to the reef or spend a few days aboard a liveaboard for a more in-depth experience. Those interested in scuba diving or snorkelling can easily take classes while those who wish to stay dry can take a peak into the reef through glass bottomed vessels.


Group Bus Tours

Cairns offers easy access to a number of different majestic destinations in the Queensland area, from Cape Tribulation and Daintree to the Atherton Tablelands and Kuranda. Bus tours are an easy and efficient way for a large group to experience all that the surrounding Cairns area has to offer.


Adventure Tours

For adrenaline junkies looking for a bit of excitement Cairns boasts a plethora of different adventure options. Consider bungee jumping, tandem skydiving or white water river rafting in the famous Tully River, one of the best white water rafting sites in all of Australia and New Zealand.

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