What is a liveaboard?

Liveaboard boats are designed to allow people to live on them for several nights at a time. Unlike a Great Barrier Reef day boat operation, a Great Barrier Reef liveaboard experience allows you to stay in the reef for several days at a time.

Liveaboard vessels are designed with your comfort in mind and most offer fully air-conditioned rooms, expansive sun decks, comfortable lounge spaces and a number of amenities, including spas and gourmet cuisine.

What are the benefits of liveaboard tours?

Liveaboard vessels allow visitors to the Great Barrier Reef to travel father distances out into the reefs and access remoter points.

Many liveaboard vessels travel up to 200 nautical miles off the east coast of Australia. Furthermore, liveaboard tours ensure that you can catch a glimpse of the reefs throughout the day.

Notably, liveaboard tours make evening dives and dawn dives incredibly easy.

These tend to be the busiest times in the coral reef ecosystem, meaning marine life is much more visible.

How long do liveaboard tours typically last?

There are a range of different liveaboard tour lengths available to accommodate your schedule and needs. Most liveaboard tours last three or four days.

There are typically multiple different dives offered throughout the day; you can choose when you want to snorkel and when you want to relax and enjoy the vessel’s amenities.

If I’m a beginner scuba diver can I still take a liveaboard tour?

Yes, even if you’re a beginner you can still enjoy a liveaboard experience.

Vessel staff are certified and trained to lend beginners a helping hand. They can teach you how to operate equipment as well help you find marine life in the reef. In addition, a number of buoyancy aids are available, including snorkeling vests, wetsuits, and noodles.

This ensures that you stay safe and comfortable while still maintain freedom of movement so that you can check out all that the reef has to offer.