Things to do in Cairns night life – With an exciting international vibe, a vibrant night life, and a wide array of exciting bars, Cairns has everything for the perfect night out.

Whether you are looking for an exciting party scene at a glitzy cocktail bar, a casual night out and great music at a casual dive bar, or a great place to catch an art film, Cairns nightlife is as varied as it is dynamic. Be sure to check out some of these highlights.


Salt House

Cairns night life
salt house Cairns

Arguably the city’s hottest bar, Salt House boasts a sleek nautical design, beautiful oceanfront views, great music, and excellent cocktails. An added bonus? Salt House is situated right next to the glitzy Cairns Yacht Club. Admire the fabulous yachts in the water while you sip on a cocktail.

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

This glamorous casino boasts a vast array of table games, including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, as well as literally hundreds of poker machines. And if you get sick of gambling, don’t worry. There are also four bars, four restaurants, a mini-zoo on the roof, and a nightclub.


Gilligan’s is Cairns’ backpacker hotspot. The locale boasts a spacious beer deck, which often hosts local bands and DJs. There is also an upstairs bar lounge that serves cocktails. Perfect for those in search of wild evening on a budget.

Court House Hotel

Step back in time to old-style Cairns at the Court House Hotel Pub, complete with a polished timber island bar and a Scales of Justice statue.

Housed in a historic courthouse building dating back to 1921, this pub is great place to spend a free evening. There are even cane-toad races every Wednesday night.

Woolshed Cairns

When you think about Cairns night life the number one place that comes to mind is the Cairns Woolshed 

the Woolshed is the number 1 party location for backpackers with table dancing and great party atmosphere.

There is also great food.

Cairns Theatre

If you’d like to skip the bars for a calm evening out, you are well advised to head to the Cairns Civic Theatre, which shows a number of independent films and art films.